Privacy Policy | Crohnie Shop

1. Management

The website is managed by 'Crohnieshop' and Ricardo de Koning. The contact details can be found on the aforementioned website.

2. Visitor information

Some data resulting from one or more visits to are stored permanently, but anonymously. The data will therefore never be traceable to a person or organization.

3. Questions

Visitors can contact Crohnieshop with their questions about this Privacy Policy. The contact details are stated on the website mentioned in paragraph 1 of this Privacy Policy.

4. Disclaimer

Crohnie shop is entitled to change the content of the Privacy Policy without the visitor being informed. It is sufficient to implement the change on the website.

4.1 Data provided by the customer

Crohnie Shop can use the data provided by the customer for the following purposes:

- Making an offer / invoice.

- Sending one or more emails related to the quotation or invoice.

- Bringing (incidental) attention to a product, tip, service, etc. that Crohnie Shop thinks may be of interest to the customer / visitor.

4.2 Providing data to third parties

Data provided by the customer / visitor to Crohnie Shop will never be passed on to third parties, unless written agreements have been made between the customer / visitor and Crohnie Shop.

4.3 Security

The data that the customer provides to Crohnie Shop by placing an order, sending an email and creating a member account are stored in a secure environment. This also applies to the data that comes in through our iDeal payment system from Wix Payments.

4.4 Adjustment of customer data

The customer has the option to change the information provided at any time. In such a case, Crohnie Shop can ask the customer to report the change in a manner prescribed by Crohnie Shop.