Thank you for your purchase and thank you for your donation! But where does your donation actually go? I have chosen this charity, which I think is a great initiative. Namely the 'PoepPaleis'. What exactly does this mean? I would like to tell you more about it.

What is the PoepPaleis?

The PoepPaleis is the first place where you can learn everything about poo. "The big message" says something about health, but it is also a bit of a difficult subject. That is why the PoepPaleis wants to make talking about poo easier, so that problems can be more easily identified and remedied.


The PoepPaleis organizes fun and surprising projects, aimed at children between 8 and 14 years old. In addition to a website and app, there is a hip POP-UP PoepPaleis. That is a surprising, artistic installation with The Great Digestion Wall, where you can follow the path of your food from your mouth to your butt. The POP-UP PoepPaleis is a mini museum that travels through the country in a sea container. In a while they want to build a big Poo Palace in the middle of the country. There you can learn everything about healthy bowels, good shit, see the latest gadgets, do your own tests, visit cool toilets and much more. Poo and technology, science, creativity, design and health under one roof. - Source:

Why a donation?

I would like to collect donations for the PoepPaleis. Why own this goal and not something else? I think it is a wonderful way to teach children how to deal with their digestion. Why talk about 'Poo'? There is a lot of laughter about the word shit. I can also give you 1 reason why it is important that you do this every now and then. Do you ever look in the toilet bowl when you've just pooped? No? Then I would do that more often. Your poo would only be purple in color! Then I would really like to contact your doctor. The color of poo, but also the path it takes in your body is simply important. Especially for those who have a chronic bowel disease. Sometimes there is a taboo to talk about it. This taboo may already start when you are a child. Children can giggle like no other about dirty things like 'Poo'! This is more than normal. But then it's so important to get rid of the taboo and find a way to talk about it lightly (you see, lightly! Just kidding me). The PoepPaleis is ideal for this!

With more donations, it will be possible to build the Pop-Up PoepPaleis around multiple locations in the Netherlands. Think of large / small cities, but also schools and hospitals. This way more children (but also adults) can learn all the facts and facts about their Poo in a fun way! The PoepPaleis is also investigating whether to build a permanent PoepPaleis somewhere in the middle of the country. A location where everyone can always go, as described above, to get a nice experience about everything that has to do with digestion. An interactive place where you can view different tests, the latest gadgets and the coolest toilets! In short, a great goal to collect donations for.