General Terms and Conditions of

(mentioned in the conditions as 'crohnieshop' or Ricardo de Koning).


Article 1: Applicability of the General Terms and Conditions

1.1 By visiting the site, by placing an order in the webshop or by sending a mailing to the contact details stated on the aforementioned site; the website visitor / customer declares that he has read the general terms and conditions of the aforementioned site of 'crohnieshop' and that he agrees to these terms and conditions.

1.2 Deviation from the general terms and conditions is only possible if it is explicitly included in an agreement between the visitor / customer and 'crohnieshop'

1.3 These conditions apply to every offer between 'crohnieshop' and a visitor / customer to whom 'crohnieshop' has declared these conditions applicable, insofar as the parties have not deviated from these conditions explicitly and in writing.


Article 2: Price, payment and shipping

2.1 All prices include sales tax (VAT), unless stated otherwise on the relevant page.

2.2 The customer will place an order on the site. Upon receipt of this payment, the product in question will only be shipped. 'Crohnieshop' or 'Ricardo de Koning' will inform the customer about this.

2.3 Each order will be charged shipping costs unless otherwise indicated. The shipping costs are indicated when ordering.

2.4 The customer pays his / her order via iDeal or other payment options. The site of 'crohnieshop' uses the payment system of Wix Payments for this. Note: Your payment will be deposited into our business account stating 'The 3D designer'. Crohnieshop is part of the company The 3D designer.


Article 3: right of withdrawal

3.1 When purchasing a product, the customer has the option to dissolve the agreement without giving any reason within 14 days after receipt (the reflection period) of the ordered product. However, this does not apply to products that are exclusively printed or embroidered.

3.2 During the reflection period, the customer will handle the product and packaging with care. If the customer makes use of his right of withdrawal, the customer will ensure that the product is returned in new condition to Ricardo de Koning (owner of site 'Crohnieshop') within those 14 days. The shipping costs for returning are for the account of the customer.

3.3 Ricardo de Koning will check the product on its new condition on behalf of 'Crohnieshop'. After approval, the customer will receive the full purchase amount (without shipping costs as stated in Article 3.2) back on his / her account. If the product is no longer in new condition, the customer is no longer entitled to his right of withdrawal and the purchase amount will not be refunded.

3.4 Products that are custom printed are not eligible for the right of withdrawal. These are products such as Shirts, hoodies and snapback caps with specially printed or embroidered texts.


Article 4: Copyrights

4.1 The copyright on images shown by 'Crohnieblog' and 'Crohnieshop' on this site and on websites YouTube, Facebook and Instagram accrues and remains with 'Crohnieshop' or its licensors.

4.2 The visitor / customer may not edit the displayed images, but may distribute them on social media or other purposes, provided he / she does mention the website

4.3 The logo, shirt / hoodie texts and brand name of 'Crohnie' or 'Crohnie shop' may not be copied or edited.



Last changes to the general conditions: 18-05-2020